This py-droplets package is developed for python 3.7+ and should run on all common platforms. The code is tested under Linux, Windows, and macOS.

Since the package is available on pypi, the installation is in principle as simple as running

pip install py-droplets

In order to have all features of the package available, you might also want to install the following optional packages:

pip install h5py pyfftw tqdm

Installing from source

Installing from source can be necessary if the pypi installation does not work or if the latest source code should be installed from github.


The code builds on other python packages, which need to be installed for py-droplets to function properly. The required packages are listed in the table below:





>= 3.1.0

Visualizing results



Array library used for storing data



Just-in-time compilation to accelerate numerics



Miscellaneous scientific functions



Dealing with user-defined mathematical expressions



Simulating partial differential equations

These package can be installed via your operating system’s package manager, e.g. using macports, homebrew, conda, or pip. The package versions given above are minimal requirements, although this is not tested systematically. Generally, it should help to install the latest version of the package. The py-pde package is available on pip, but if this is inconvenient the package can also be installed from github sources, as described in its documentation.

A small subset of the package will only be available if extra optional packages are installed. Currently, this only concerns the h5py package for reading hdf files.

Downloading the package

The package can be simply checked out from To import the package from any python session, it might be convenient to include the root folder of the package into the PYTHONPATH environment variable.

This documentation can be built by calling the make html in the docs folder. The final documentation will be available in docs/build/html. Note that a LaTeX documentation can be build using make latexpdf.